DEPARTMENT: Water Use and Irrigation | Well Location & Set-Up

You can’t run a dairy shed without water. In this video, we talk through well setup and electrics design with Gary Roxburgh from Nairn Electrical. It is important to position the well as close as possible to your dairy shed to minimise the energy required to pump water and also reduce duplication of back-up generators and other equipment. Keep submersible pumps for shed supply small, a pump that is larger than required will be a liability when there is a power cut and you need to run a generator. On pump-shed design Gary suggests that a 4m x 2.5m shed gives easy access for installation and maintenance. He also stresses that your switch board must have adequate clearances to meet regulatory requirements. On all aspects of your project Gary advises farmers to get the advice of an electrician with a lot of local dairy experience. From start to finish the set-up of the electrics for your well can take 5 months, including 3 months designs approval at your power company. Gary advises going with equipment that is common to other farmers in your area with a good history of local support.



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