DEPARTMENT: Dairy Farm Electrics | Preventing Stray Voltage

Over recent years, cow sheds have become a lot more sophisticated. With the automated controllers and other electronics, has come an unintended by-product called EMC or electromagnetic compatibility voltage. Essentially, this is energy being inducted from your electronics into the steel structures of your rotary bale and yards. This results in cows receiving electric shocks as they pass through the shed for milking. This in turn can cause poor cow health, slow cow flow through the shed and reduced herd performance. As Gary Roxburgh from Nairn Electrical explains, all of these issues can be avoided by ensuring you employ an experienced dairy shed electrician that uses good quality, EMC approved and screened drives and cabling. Gary stresses that the farmer should discuss stray voltage issues with the electrician from the outset and be certain that at the end of the build project the electrician plans to test for EMC effects and for stray voltage, and rectifies any issues before the shed enters use. Getting the design right to avoid EMC is achievable and will avoid serious problems in the future. 



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