DEPARTMENT: Lessons Learned By Farmers | Lessons Learned by Linda

In this video, we hear from Linda Hofsteede, who completed a 900 cow conversion on the Canterbury plains. Linda’s key pieces of advice are to find a farm consultant with a great reputation, that you can really trust, and to plan, plan, plan your conversion right down to the tasks you need to be completing 12 months ahead of milking. Linda advises anyone considering conversion to visit a lot of dairy farms and sheds, talk to as many experienced dairy farmers as possible and build up your check list of features you want in your development. Linda thinks it makes sense to develop with an eye on the future, both in terms of being able to scale up or evolve the farming operation, and to enhance the farms long term resale value. Linda gives the example here of elevating the shed to allow for the effluent system to also drain a potential feed pad one day on its way to the effluent pond. Farm layout is one area Linda really focused on in her planning with a lot of a attention given to paddock layout, walking distances and number of stock troughs per paddock. Linda’s key advice is invest in a good consultant you can learn from, bounce ideas off and who can complete some aspects of the project well, so you can focus on your areas.



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