DEPARTMENT: Track and Yard Layout | Calf Sheds

Rearing replacement stock is a core part of any dairy farm. Your calf sheds are an important component in your farming system. You need to design and position them to work and grow with the rest of your operation.

The key considerations covered in this (very windy) video are distance from dairy shed and internal capacity. You will want your calf sheds as close as possible to your dairy shed to fit within your centre pivot irrigator, minimise the distance that milk needs to be carted or pumped and minimise the cost of getting electricity to the shed. But balancing this, there is a minimum exclusion distance requirement for calf sheds of 45 m from your milk storage vats. With regard to calf shed capacity, this will be driven by your forecast on calves to be reared per season. The best sources for advice on your calf rearing operation and shed requirements are farm advisors, supply companies and other farmers.




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