DEPARTMENT: Track and Yard Layout | Yard Design & Vats

Getting your yard design right is fundamental to many aspects of your dairy operation. It is going to make tanker access to your vats much easier (bear in mind this is 24/7 during the season), your drainage cheaper (because gravity will do the work, not a pump), it is going to make calf rearing easier because you minimise the distance from calf vat to calf sheds), and it’s even going to help protect your long term milk quality because by eliminating ponding, you will minimise the mud around your vats and getting into the shed. In this video, we look at an optimum yard design with experienced builder Nigel Hodges. This particular design is based on a circular dairy farm irrigated by a single centre pivot anchored beside the shed in the centre of the farm. This won’t be achievable on every block, but there are very good lessons on yard design for a new farm of any shape. The video addresses location of effluent ponds, elevation of the dairy yard, locating the centre pivot, tanker turnaround requirements, and the overall timeline for your total project design, construction and fit out.




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