DEPARTMENT: Getting Started | Meeting a Builder

Your builder is going to be a very important player in the process of converting your farm to dairy. In this video, we stand out on a very windy paddock on the Canterbury plains with Nigel Hodges, a respected Canterbury dairy shed builder who has completed many high quality dairy structures, and talk through all the aspects of the plan that your builder will help you get right. We are very sorry about the terrible wind noise! Discussions with your builder will cover almost all aspects of your planned dairy conversion; from determining the shape of the dairy farm, to the optimal paddock and irrigation plan. All of this will dictate where you ultimately place the shed, and the shape will the tanker track and yard  will take. There are a huge number of variables your builder needs to work through to help you get the consents and compliance you will need to start operating. To do their job, the builder will need to pull a lot of operational information together including the number and breed of cows you plan to milk, the future expansion plans for the operation, the electricity supply available, the water supply available, the contour of the proposed shed site and more. Your builder will very likely be the person that connects you to the roading engineers and others that will help you complete your tanker track, culverts, bridges and more. This video will give you a good broad introduction to the role of the builder in your project and the information they will need to work through with you.




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