DEPARTMENT: Dairy Farm Electrics | Introduction to Dairy Farm Electrics

Everything system on your new dairy farm will depend on a reliable and safe supply of electricity. You need to address this aspect of your project early. In this video, we talk with Gary Roxburgh from Nairn Electrical about some of the issues you will need to work through. Your first step is to develop a detailed farm plan with your farm advisor showing how your farm is going to operate including herd size, irrigation solution, feeding regime in the shed, effluent systems and more. You then need to talk to an experienced electrician to convert that plan into an expected electrical loading and confirm with your lines company the cost of getting that required electricity delivered to the farm. Water, effluent and electricity don’t mix well, so you need an electrician with plenty of dairy farm experience. Interruptions to the power supply will cost you money so you need back up generation. You don’t want to pump water a long distance unnecessarily and you don’t want to own and maintain multiple generators, so situate your well and shed close to each other. To maximise the available technical support for your system, look at the electrical equipment used on farms in your area and, where possible, use the same equipment and brands in your operation.



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