DEPARTMENT: Dairy Farm Electrics | Eliminating PCB’s

PCB's, or polychlorinated biphenyls, are chemicals that were common in the manufacture of electrical components and equipment used on farms until the late 1970's. PCB's are associated with old farm tractor and wool sheds and yards. These are the areas that you will need to have inspected and, if necessary, cleared by an experienced electrician. PCB's were banned because they are a poison that enters the ecosystem and persists for many years. To supply milk to a processor, you will need to provide evidence that your farm is PCB free. Gary Roxburgh from Nairn Eelectrical explains in this video that the best plan is to get an electrician onto the farm before you begin conversion. Inspect all the sheds, and if there are any PCB's, get the electrician to remove the PCB's and provide a written statement once the farm is PCB free.



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