DEPARTMENT: Getting Started | Site Access & Project Planning

Once you have decided to proceed with your dairy conversion, you are entering into a well-trodden planning process that is designed to deliver a functioning dairy farm ready for your established “first milking” target date next season. It is critical that you get the right contractors and plan in place to hit that date. This (slightly wind affected) video touches on some of the pivotal aspects of getting this planning phase right. Establishing your relationship with an experienced builder as early on as possible is very simply the most important step. That builder is then going to work with you to determine the shed site, effluent pond design and more. It is likely that you are going to combine the earthworks for the shed site with the construction of your effluent ponds and the material coming out of those ponds will also contribute to the next critical element, the access road. Before the shed build can start you need that access road in place to give the builder and subcontractors access to the site. You also need to ensure there is power on site when the building phase commences. You don’t need to tackle all these logistics alone. Your builder will work through all of these issues with your and the earlier you get into those discussions with him the better.




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