DEPARTMENT: The Shed | Shed Design

Getting the design of your dairy shed right is highly important to the performance of your operation. It will affect the quality of your milk, the health and safety of your staff, the well-being of your herd and the economics of your business. Your builder and your milking plant manufacturer will need to work closely to develop a shed that works for you.

In this video we discuss some of the important areas you are going to address with them to get your shed right. These include floor design for washing and drainage, rotary platform underpasses, positioning of your office and machinery rooms. There is no such thing as a perfect shed, but there are a lot of good principles discussed in this video that you can apply in your own design process to help deliver better compliance and performance. These include designing the shed for smooth cow flow to eliminate empty bales, designing your shed for bird exclusion, giving the working environment good natural light, making every surface in the shed non-slip, designing floors for efficient operation and washing, keeping visitor areas on the car park side of the shed.



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