DEPARTMENT: The Shed | Pump & Service Rooms

Your new dairy shed will be powered by a considerable number of pumps and compressors. To protect your workers and animals from noise, these need to be housed away from the central milking area, but remain close enough to enable ease of installation of pipes and drainage. There are several requirements that need to be considered. You need to create a room that has plenty of space and which is well lit to make installation and maintenance of equipment  easy. You need space for the introduction of new additional equipment in future. You need to develop a very clear plan for the room showing exactly where your wash down pump, cooler pump, stock water pump, vacuum pump, air compressor and other machines will be sited. This will allow the builder to bring the necessary pipes up through the concrete floor to serve each pump during construction. This is a wet room so you need to ensure good drainage, and a non-slip floor.

In this video we also look at the design of the adjacent dry room where you will house your switchboard and the location of your staff toilets and showers.



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