DEPARTMENT: The Shed | Milking Systems

There are strict regulations on the collection of milk enforced by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Once you have worked through your high level farm plan with your farm consultant and builder, it is then time to get into some greater operational detail with an experienced milking systems manufacturer. The milking systems vendor will work through the plan with you to help you fit out your shed with the right equipment to meet your business objectives, while ensuring you comply with MPI regulations. The decisions you need to make will include deciding on a herringbone or rotary milking shed, how much hot water you are going to need for washing, what sort of milk cooling system you are going to need. They will help you decide how big your plate cooler is going to be and whether you are going to need snap chilling. There are a lot of factors that your equipment vendor is going to take into account including planned herd size, possible future expansion plans and available water supply. Getting the best possible advice on these issues will help you produce high quality milk for years to come.




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