DEPARTMENT: Dairy Farm Electrics | Back Up Generation

Power cuts are always going to happen in rural areas. They can be due to wind, snow, electrical faults, road accidents and a myriad of other events. Sometimes the power is going to go off right when you are milking. Therefore, to avoid disruption of your operation, your newly converted dairy farm will need back up power generation to the shed and to the well that supplies the shed water. To avoid duplication of generators, Gary Roxbugh from Nairn Electrical advises strongly that you situate the well adjacent to the shed. This close proximity also places the minimum load on the pump and the generator. Gary’s advice is to avoid portable generators, and cheap generators, because your entire operation could rely on your generator for several days in extreme circumstances. Choose a mid-level permanently built in generator, preferably a brand that is common in your area which should mean good local support. Run the generator every couple of months and make sure you keep it fueled and maintained.



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