DEPARTMENT: Getting Started | Greenfield Site

In this first “Greenfield” video, we have a very high level conversation with John Welsh (Fonterra Regional On-Farm Asset Specialist) about the various aspects of the farm planning, consenting and designing that you are going to have to work through in the months ahead. John will also address some of the technical specialists you will work on these challenges with as you convert your greenfield site from its previous land use to dairy farming. John is absolutely passionate about New Zealand dairy farms being as sustainable and profitable as they can be. He explains that getting the right experts focused on the right tasks early on will make a huge difference to the success of your project. The layout of your farm, and the time you put into the plan, will affect your animal welfare, your running costs, your milk quality, your profitability and your stress levels for years to come. Get things wrong now and you could fundamentally limit your profits and your ability to scale in future. This first video is really is really just setting the scene for you. A light introduction to the important topics that we go into in more depth in later videos.




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