DEPARTMENT: Establishing Your Herd | Buying Your Herd

The success of your dairy farm is going to depend on acquiring the right herd cows at the right time. You will need to build a herd with a frame that is well matched to your soil type, with production levels matched to your farm plan, local climate and budget. In this video, we talk to Jim Hazlett from HRL about how to proceed with acquiring your herd. There are three good sources of guidance for a farmer building a herd; farm consultants, stock and station agents (like HRL) and existing local dairy farmers. Jim advises that there is nothing like local knowledge, and that it is sensible to embark on the process around 9 months out from your first milking day. This will allow you to work with the vendors on the AI process to achieve your target calving date. Other topics covered with Jim in this video are the relevance of Breeding Worths (BWs) and Production Worths (PWs), how the process of buying a herd is likely to roll out, who pays commissions, freight costs and vet expenses.



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