DEPARTMENT: Effluent Management | Effluent Distribution Introduction

In the past, effluent distribution has often been considered a farming problem. But as we hear from Jim Hargreaves in this video, today’s farmers understand that effluent is actually a business opportunity because it has a huge amount of nutrient value. It is also enormously important that we protect our environment, including waterways and lakes. Effluent needs to be applied in a way that delivers maximum value to the farm and it makes sense to get the advice early from an effluent accredited irrigation company. They will translate your farm design and business practices into the best effluent distribution solution for you. If you have a centre pivot irrigators that will offer the most efficient effluent distribution options, either through the irrigator or via an under slung pipe. If you have a feed pad, then the type of feed you use will dictate the investment you need to make in solids separation. If you don’t have a centre pivot, then there are a lot of other options including pods and traveller. Whichever option you employ, work with an experienced irrigation consultant to ensure you keep effluent away from your waterways, sheds and farm tracks.



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