DEPARTMENT: Water Use and Irrigation | Pumping Solutions Continued

Building on our earlier chat about pumps with Jim Hargreaves from Waterforce, in this video we talk about some of the specific issues that you will need to work through as you select your pumping solution. These include depth of well, draw down (the degree the well will drop during pumping), silt loading in the local water and pressure requirements. Jim’s advice is to find a local expert who knows the behaviour of local aquifers and can advise you on the right type of pump for your area. Your well is an essential part of your farm and it is very important to be gentle with your well and your pump. A direct online pumping solution is the traditional approach but as Jim explains there are many benefits to looking at a VSD variable speed drive. These smooth out the speed of your pump, extending its life and minimizing damage to the well. There is a temptation to oversize your pump, but Jim advises that this is to be avoided. A pump that is too big for the task is inefficient. The best solution is a pump capable of delivering your immediate water requirements with capacity to meet near term expansion plans.



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