DEPARTMENT: Water Use and Irrigation | Getting The Right Pump

Your entire dairy farming enterprise relies on the pumps you choose and the service organisation behind them. They drive your irrigation, your shed washing and your stock water systems. Getting the right pumps for the job is absolutely essential.

In this video, we chat to Jim Hargreaves from Waterforce about how to approach the topic of pump selection. The first step is to make sure you have all the correct information. Where is the pump taking water from and to? What is the distance and the elevation being pumped? What is the water going to be used for? How much water do you need now and how much do you expect your herd and that water requirement to grow in future? You need to also think about service intervals and reliability. You get what you pay for and with something as critical as pumps it is better to buy quality with a reputable company behind it. It is also good to talk to local farmers about the experience they have had with pumps and the service organisation behind them.



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