DEPARTMENT: Track and Yard Layout | Tanker Road & Front Gate

Getting your tanker access right is a critical aspect of your farm design. Until it is correct your processor will not be able to collect your milk. The topics this video covers are the positioning and design of your tanker access gate, which varies depending on what type of road you are accessing the farm from. As a rule, on a shingle road, you need to provide an 11m wide gateway set 10m back from the centre of the road, with 170m of clear visibility each way. All of these details change if you move to a tar sealed main road including the need for 250m visibility both ways. The positioning of your tanker track will be determined by the shape of your farm and configuration of your centre pivot irrigators. It is preferable that the tanker enters the farm from the south, at a point where the irrigator is straight. The metal track has to be a minimum of  4.5m wide but preferably it will be 6-7m wide to allow passing. Your supply company will advise and approve all aspects of your track design including width, gradient, culvert and bridge design, corner design and turning circles.



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