DEPARTMENT: Track and Yard Layout | Vat Stand Design

The design of your vat stands will be determined by your supply company. This is a work area for their tanker drivers, often at night, so it needs to meet their needs. In the past vat stands were often built cheaply, in a rectangular shape, filled with rubble under a veneer of concrete. During the Canterbury earthquakes 11 of those old style stands collapsed. Not one of the modern, solid concrete circular stands collapsed so today most processors will insist on this design. The stand should be 600 cm high to allow easy access for drivers to pipes and switches from ground level. There should be no reason for the driver to ever climb onto the stand. The concrete pad where the tanker parks should be at least 5m wide and 8m long, with a non-slip surface and with ample drainage. This area should always be clear of equipment including hoses. The pipes connecting the vats should pass under and behind the vats to the shed. Your supply company will determine your vat capacity requirements. But to future proof the farm there should be at least two supply vats stands and one calf milk vat stand.



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