DEPARTMENT: Washing and Cooling Systems | Secondary Milk Cooling

Milk cooling requirements are an evolving area of dairy farming. MPI regulations are requiring gradual increases in the investment that new farms must make in milk cooling and chilling capability. You need to match your current and future herd size, milking regime and local water profile to a solution that will meet MPI requirements now and in the future. You also need to account for your water source and availability now and in the future. Scheme water is considerably warmer than well water.  The best advice is to get a specialist milk cooling vendor on your team as early in the conversion process as possible (a minimum of 6 months before first milk) to establish a solution that meets the regulatory requirements. In this video we talk with Murray Hollings of Dairy Cool Ltd about traditional cooling in the vat, snap chilling solutions and getting a milk cooling solution that’s right for your business.



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