DEPARTMENT: Getting Started

Standing in a bare paddock and contemplating the conversion to dairy production – a prospect that must seem like a huge challenge. There is an immense amount to learn about from farm layout and irrigation planning through to herd welfare and milk cooling. Luckily, New Zealand has an unparalleled force of rural professionals and equipment vendors who will guide you thought this process. In this section, we meet a respected dairy builder and some of the other important advisors that you are going to meet in this first phase of your dairy farm conversion project.

Site Access & Project Planning PLAYLIST

In-depth project planning with an experienced builder is going to be the key to hitting your target milking date. Your builder will coordinate most of the large aspects of your farm’s construction to achieve efficiencies in the way materials are used and to deliver your project on time. Getting the right builder on t...


Meeting a Builder PLAYLIST

In this video, we stand out (on a very windy paddock) with a respected builder, who has completed many high quality dairy sheds, and talk through all the aspects of the dairy farm conversion that your builder will help you get right....


Greenfield Site PLAYLIST

In this first “Greenfield” video, we have a very high level conversation with John Welsh (Fonterra Regional On-Farm Asset Specialist), about the various aspects of the farm planning, consenting and designing that you are going to have to work through as you covert your land to dairy farming....