DEPARTMENT: Establishing Your Herd

The long term success of your new dairy farm will depend heavily on the herd of cows that you acquire. You need to build a herd that is well matched to you soil type, farm plan and budget. In this section, we will talk to experts about how to go about acquiring that herd, the need to get into that process well out from your first milking day (optimally 9 months), the benefits of getting local advice on the right mix of cows for your area, the benefits of working with the vendor on the AI process to achieve your target calving date, the relevance of Breeding Worths (BWs) and Production Worths (PWs), how the process of buying a herd is likely to happen.

Buying Your Herd PLAYLIST

Your dairy herd will be the heart of your farming operation. Getting a herd that is well matched to your local climate, soil type and farm plan is critical to the success of your business. In this video, we talk with Jim Hazlett from HRL about where to go for advice, how long the herd procurement process will take and ...