DEPARTMENT: Washing and Cooling Systems

You put a lot of time and money into growing your milk. The water heating, milk filtering, milk cooling and plant washing systems within your dairy shed are crucial to ensuring that the milk you produce is of high quality. These are complex and continuously evolving technologies as the regulations around milk storage temperatures change over time and as well as other aspects of your supply agreement. Every farm is different and the right approach is to talk to the experts and let them help you establish the right solutions for your farm.

Secondary Milk Cooling PLAYLIST

Getting your milk cooling solution right is critical to protecting the quality and value of the milk your farm produces. In this video we talk through the options with Murray Hollings of Dairy Cool Ltd....


Milk Filtering & Primary Cooling PLAYLIST

Milk filtering and cooling systems are essential to the quality of the milk your farm produces. You will need to work with your milking system vendor to design a filtering and cooling solution that ensures your milk quality today and leaves you scope for some herd expansion in future....


Water Heating PLAYLIST

Milking plant washing, milk filtration and milk cooling systems are all addressed in this video with Phillip Reed of Reed Industrial. Getting these aspects of your shed right is critical to meeting your supply company’s milk quality standards. ...