DEPARTMENT: Track and Yard Layout

Your tanker track and farm yard will connect your dairy operation to the world. While they might just seem like farm roads, their design needs to be right to meet very specific requirements. Getting the optimal tanker track and yard layout in place at the right time during your build is going to save you, your staff, your builder and your milk collection company a lot of headaches down the line. In this department, we talk through the various issues affecting dairy farm track and yard design with experienced experts. If there are more issues you would like advice on, feel free to contact the MyMilk team.

Tanker Road & Front Gate PLAYLIST

Your milk cannot get to the factory if your tanker access is inadequate. You will work with your supply company, local council and NZTA to get a tanker track designed, consented and constructed that allows for safe, efficient access for milk tankers to and from your dairy shed. ...


Vat Stand Design PLAYLIST

The zone around your vats is a work area for tanker drivers. To avoid causing injury it is important to design this infrastructure to the highest standards. Stands should be designed to allow safe, easy access from ground level to all switches and taps. Getting your vat stand design right helps future proof for farm....


Transformer Location PLAYLIST

The three common locations for the transformer are: outside the yard - which is expensive but very safe; inside the tanker turning circle - which is less costly but removes part of the yard; and the cheapest option right beside the electricity room - which restricts improvement to your shed....



Rearing calves is integral to dairy farming. Getting calf sheds right is essential to running this side of your business well. The capacity of your shed will be based on your farm plan. The location of your shed will be driven by yard design, irrigation setup and exclusion requirements from milk storage vats....


Yard Design & Vats PLAYLIST

Getting your dairy yard design right will ensure easy access for tankers, efficient rearing of calves, optimal drainage and effluent management and protect your milk quality in the long term. In this video, we look at one optimal style of dairy yard layout with builder Nigel Hodges....