Your milking shed will be the heart of your dairy farming operation. A shed is a complex system that simultaneously manages cow flow, milking and milk storage. Getting the design right will have huge impacts on your farm’s efficiency, scale-ability, animal welfare, staff welfare, milk quality, water use, electricity consumption, effluent management and farm profits. You need to talk to the right experts throughout the planning, design and construction of your shed to get it right . In this department, we make a start on many of the important issues you will need to work through with your dairy farm setup. Get in touch with the team at MyMilk if there are more topics you would like expert help on.

Pump & Service Rooms PLAYLIST

Your pump room is the engine that drives your whole dairy shed. Getting the design of your pump and utility rooms right is essential for ease of equipment installation and maintenance. It will also protect your staff and animals from pump noise and enable your operation to grow in the future. ...


Vet Platform PLAYLIST

Designing your vet platform right will make artificial insemination (AI) and other animal health processes safe and efficient. Builder Nigel Hodges takes us through the criteria for a vet platform that is fit for purpose....


Shed Design PLAYLIST

In this video we talk through some of the basic principles of dairy shed design. There is not right or wrong type of shed, but getting these aspects right will make for smoother cow flow, lower labour input, easier washing, a better working environment, improved health and safety, better quality milk and a more profita...


Milking Systems PLAYLIST

To meet your business objectives and the MPI regulations on milk supply, you are going to need the advice of a respected milking systems vendor. Together with your builder, they will help you come up with the optimal system design for your current and future milking operation. ...