DEPARTMENT: Lessons Learned By Farmers

Completing a dairy farm conversion is a learning process. Dairy farmers who have developed a dairy farm are a great source of ideas, tips and pitfalls to avoid. In this section, we will bring together interviews with farmers who have recently completed a dairy conversion to see what advice they would give to farmers approaching this challenge for the first time.

Lessons Learned by Andrew & Sarah PLAYLIST

For Andrew Carr, the dairy conversion project is all about people. Andrew stresses the importance of finding a dairy consultant to manage those areas of the project where your knowledge is lacking. He advises that you seek the advice of a limited number of local dairy farmers you respect and that you only take on contr...


Lessons Learned by Linda PLAYLIST

Linda Hofsteede converted a beef and bull rearing farm near Alford Forest to dairy in 2015. In this video, we hear some of her thoughts on how to successfully convert to dairy farming. Her key advice, find an experienced farm consultant who can help you make the right decisions, form a detailed plan and execute that pl...