DEPARTMENT: Water Use and Irrigation

Water is the life blood of a dairy farm. You need good quality water and quite a lot of it. In this section, we look at where you should position your well in relation to your shed, how you should approach the purchase of your shed supply pumping systems, how you should set up the pumping shed electrics and more. There is no right answer. For example, you will have a lot of options on the type of pump you use. As always, you will need to work through your system design with the relevant experts and find the optimal solution for your farm.

Well Location & Set-Up PLAYLIST

Dairy sheds need a lot of water to run. It’s critical that you design your well electrical system to ensure efficient and resilient water supply. In this video, Gary Roxburgh from Nairn Electrical stresses the importance of giving sufficient time to the project and working with the very best local electrician you can...


Irrigation Introduction PLAYLIST

Your irrigation system will be the life blood of your new dairy farm. There are a number of options to consider depending on the nature and layout of your farm. The best advice is to bring in an expert irrigation advisor as early as possible in your conversion project....


Pumping Solutions Continued PLAYLIST

This video builds on the previous conversation with Jim Hargreaves from Waterforce. It looks at selecting the right pumping solution, including variable speed drives (VSD) to meet local conditions, deliver farm requirements, protect your well and maximise farm efficiency. ...


Getting The Right Pump PLAYLIST

Getting the right pump for your new farms requirements is absolutely critical. When your pumps stop, your farm stops. In this video Jim Hargreaves from Waterforce talks to us about the issues you are going to have to work through to find the right pumps for your farm....