DEPARTMENT: Dairy Farm Electrics

Modern dairy farms can’t operate without a reliable, safe, well designed electricity supply. Your farm’s irrigation system, shed water, stock water, rotary bale, milk cooling, effluent spreading and more rely entirely on it. The efficiency of your electricity consumption will have a significant impact on farm profits. It is hugely important to get the right advice on all aspects of dairy electrical system design as early in your conversion project as possible. In this section, we will have introductory discussions with experts on how to get your on-farm electricity systems fit for purpose.

Back Up Generation PLAYLIST

Your back up generator is an essential insurance policy against storms and other events that could seriously disrupt your dairy farming operation. In this video Gary from Nairn Electrical talks through the best approach to the type of generator you should buy and where it should be located....


Preventing Stray Voltage PLAYLIST

Stray voltage is a by-product of increasing use of electrical control systems in dairy sheds. Cows are sensitive to 1.5 volts. Stray voltage in the milking plant can significantly reduce herd performance. Gary from Nairn Electrical advises working with an experienced electrician to ensure EMC is not an issue in your sh...


Eliminating PCB’s PLAYLIST

PCB's are poisonous chemicals often present in electrical components and equipment in farm sheds and yards established before the late 1970s. To provide milk to any dairy company, you will need to work with an experience dairy farm electrician to assess the farm for PCB's, remove any present and certify that your farm ...


Introduction to Dairy Farm Electrics PLAYLIST

Electricity drives the milking, cooling, washing and effluent systems around your farm, and your irrigation. But it does not mix well with the water, milk and effluent that you are also going to have on site. In this video Gary Roxbugh from Nairn Electrical talks about getting the right advice on your electrical system...