DEPARTMENT: Effluent Management

Your farm effluent should be seen as an opportunity not a problem. Dairy effluent contains a large amount of nutrients and you need to implement a system that will distribute it back to your land in a way that’s environmentally sustainable, maximises farming returns and achieves compliance with regulation. Utilising centre pivot infrastructure to distribute effluent is undoubtedly effective because it covers such a large area of land efficiently. But every farm is different. In this section, we will discuss with experts the right way to approach getting the best effluent solution for your operation.

Talking to experts about dairy conversion

Effluent Distribution Introduction PLAYLIST

Farm effluent is nutrient rich. Getting its distribution right increases farm productivity. In this video, Jim Hargreaves from Waterforce considers the impact of feed pads, feeds types, centre pivot irrigators, direct injection vs under-slung on the effluent distribution challenge....